• Specifically designed for the Jewellery manufacturing industry to fulfit all requirements of polishing.
  • Advantageous in areas of polishing where conventional brushes & tools cannot reach.
  • Especially useful to polish prongs pava & rough inner surfaces.
    Achieves higher effeciency by saving time as compared to conventional methods of pre polishing.
  • Ripple free working ensures removal of micron layers of rough surfaces within seconds.
  • Safety assured due to use of Non-Cyanide solution.
  • Unique design & working principal provides minimum amount of Gold loss with 98% Gold recovery.
  • Teflon coated Heater with Glass Thermocouple maintains a high degree of temperature control.
  • Various types of Jigs & Fixtures for the polishing process are available.

Name of equipment Electro Polishing Machine
Operating Temp. 70-Degree Centigrade
Supply Voltage 220-volt single phase
Heater 800w Heaters

Features of Non Cyanide Electro Polishing Machine :

1. Digital Temperature Controller
2. Solid state power supply
3. Teflon Coated Heater
4. Glass Insulated Thermocouple
5. Specific designed zig for mounting of gold pieces
6. Ampear meter for carrect load display
7. Volt meter for voltage display
8. Graphite or s.s. bath
9. Repeal free rectifier
10. Fan for fume

Description of Electro Polishing Machine :

The machine is fabricated with m.s. angle and covered with acralic & PP sheet with s.s. 316 or Graphite bath for electro polishing.

Electrical :-

  • 3 Nos. On/Off Switch with indicator
  • 1 No. Temperature Controller
  • 1 No. Ampere Meter
  • 1 No. Volt Meter
  • 1 No. Foot Switch
  • 1 No. 800w Heaters
  • 1 No. 2 Pole MCB
  • 1 No. Blower

    Technical Specifications :

    Electrical : 1 Phase, 230 V AC 50 Hz

    Capacity : 5 Ltr