• Specifically designed for the jewellery manufacturing industry to fulfil all requirements for burning out of dust.
  • Uniform Heating facilited by closed type heavy duty heating elements.
  • Space saving design ensures maximum utility space in a small sized construction.
  • Rugged Construction with Stainless steel pipe stand accomodationg 3 to 4 stainless steel trays.
  • Durable Insulation of Ceramic Bricks & Fibre Board to prevent heat loss, conserve energy & save electricity.
  • Efficient fume extraction with specially designed stainless steel chimney.
  • Unique design for superior dust burning with proper air circulation.

Name of Equipment Dust Burnout Electric Furnace
Maximum Operating Temperature 700-Degree Centigrade.
Heating Electrical.
Temperature Control 3-1/2 Diget temperature controller.
Thermocouple Simplex Cr/All Type
Supply Voltage 220V-Single Phase 50Hz


GENERAL :- The furnace casing shall be manufactured from Ms. Square pipe, Angle & CRC Sheet along with S.S pot for dust burn.

PAINTING :- The furnace will be powder coating as required by you.

Bottom : Hot face Insulation bricks.
Side & Back walls : Hasil block,Ceramic fiber,jipsom board backed by Graded insulation.
Door : Hot face Insulation bricks backed by graded Insulation.

HEATING ELEMENTS :- The Element will be coil type construction made from suitable dia of required SWG of Khanthal wire.

ELECTRICAL :- The control panel will be consist of

  • 1 No. Temperature controller.
  • 1 No. Air Brake Magnetic Controller.
  • 1 No. ON/OFF Switch.
  • 4 No. Indicating Lamp.
Body Size
Single Phase
Capacity 5-7 Kg.
Body Size : 27"W x 27"D x 18"H
Chamber Size : 10"W x 17"D x 8"H
Close Type refractory with 1 Nos. S.S.
Tray and Control Panel
5 KW
Capacity 8-10 Kg.
Body Size : 27"W x 27"D x 26"H
Chamber Size : 10"W x 17"D x 16"H
Close Type refractory with 3Nos. S.S.
Tray and Control Panel
5 KW
Capacity 10-12 Kg.
Body Size : 27"W x 27"D x 32"H
Chamber Size : 10"W x 17"D x 20"H
Close Type refractory with 4Nos. S.S.
Tray and Control Panel
5 KW

Technical Specifications :

Electrical : 1phase /3 phase,230V /440 V AC /50HZ

Heating : 4.5KW / 5KW / 7.5 KW

Capacity : 5 Kg / 8 Kg / 10 Kg / 12 Kg